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Mixed Media Art

Cristy Leonard Art world of confusion.

We are Cristy and Leonard and we have known each other for many years. Sometimes your life turns out differently from what you would have expected, and we are an example of that. Both have experienced losses, but those same losses have also led to a new life force, to continue to see the possibilities and colours even in the darkest time of our lives. And it may have become our trademark because no matter how small the power and possibilities sometimes seemed, ultimately, we started to create our own world in that depth and confusion. A world that, just like the earthly art of living, has led us to Cristy Leonard. Both; the layers of life and the layers of works of art, are connected, and intertwined to create what we now create.

Mixed Media Art

Cristy Leonard’s Mixed Media Art offers enthusiasts the opportunity to own these works of art. What makes Cristy Leonard works of art so special is that there is a certain amount of confusion in every work of art that grabs and holds your attention. You feel the questions bubbling up inside you and your curiosity is immediately piqued.

The works of art are composed of 6 layers, so that painting and photography both embrace and overlap. The structure of the canvases is sometimes smooth, sometimes irregular and grainy on the surface, but always different. The many techniques we use, make the works of art exciting and invite you to keep looking and discovering. Fiction and reality come together and challenge your eyes.

Each work of art has a unique poetic text that takes you into a fairytale, a thought-provoking story or a one-liner whereas these texts also stimulate the senses. The works are inspired by the present, past and future. Within the unique works of art, there is also the option to let us, for example, introduce yourself, partner, or child into the works. The photos are always taken by Cristy Leonard themselves.  Since painting is done both before and after the process, the colours etc. will always be different and certainly unique, beautiful, and pleasing to the eye. There are many possibilities that push the limits of being unique anyway.

Unique and provided with a certificate

A work of art should touch your heart, but it should also tell a story so that you want to keep looking at it without getting bored. Sometimes it is a spectacle of colours and sometimes it is soft and lovely. But then again, every work of art also evokes a certain form of tension that makes you wonder what it is like or how the lines run and believe us, figuring it out becomes difficult even sometimes for us.

Choosing a specific Cristy Leonard, every house can be given an atmosphere that will surprise and certainly delight you. Our pieces are quite large, but we also have some smaller sizes that are sure to enrich and delight the small corners of a home.

Each artwork is made on top quality canvas. All canvases are colourfast because the layers are constructed in such a way that external damage cannot reach the canvas.

Each work of art is provided with an authenticity certificate, which means that each work of art keeps its value and in that respect there can be ‘no confusion’.

We stand for and behind our art and want you to be as happy and surprised by it as we are every day.

Have fun exploring.

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